Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Royal Pain by Ellen Conford

Whoa!!! A Royal Pain is just a real sweet and funny book... I've never read such a book before... It's a story about a sixteen-year-old teenager named Abby Adams, who discovers her real identity... That she really is Princess Florinda XVI... A real princess of a small European monarchy known as Saxony Coburn... At first, she just couldn't take it... But then, when she learns more about the whole thing, she began believing that such a thing is actually possible... Then, she starts dreaming of what being a princess might actually feel like... Soon, she finally agreed to take on her duties in the royal palace as a princess... But, unlike what people believe, the life of a princess isn't just all about fun, excitement, and attending royal dances... As it turns out to Abby, it isn't just about that sort of thing... Lots of rules had to be obeyed... She was supposed to be really different from her true self... She just couldn't bear it... All of what she expects is just not happening... Things turn out to be exactly the opposite... She just wants to get home and be with her own family and friends... She doesn't want this kind of life... All she wants is a simple normal life, where you have the freedom to do what you like... In the following days, she decided to become a real 'Royal Pain'... She figured out that if she disobeyed their rules and does what she isn't supposed to, they would probably get rid of her... They'd send her back to her own country... Away from the terrible life of royal rules and duties... After facing difficulties, she actually achieved exactly the life she was looking for ever since... And as things began to clear out, she figured that life could turn out to be just right... To be the way she expects it to be... Not the real 'perfect' one, but just a normal & fair life... Just having the faith in something helps a lot to achieved something you longed for... You don't have to force it to be that way, but just go with the flow, and do what's wise... Just do what you think is right!!! I just love the book... That's all!!! Rating: 4 out of 5

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