Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Nightshade by Andrea Cramer

It is a fantastic read. It is a perfect blend of love, action and fantasy. Nightshade is very good at creating deep characters. I love this book because to feel like you are right there with the characters and you laugh and cry right along with them.

Rating; ****/*****

Almost French by Sarah Turnbull

This book was a memoir about the authors new life in Paris. I really liked this book because in a way, it took me to Paris and I experienced the culture and the beauty of the city without actually traveling there. I lived her life, went to fashion shows, ate baguettes and experienced a new life.


Hate List by Jennifer Brown

This was an intersting book about a school shooting from the perspective of the shooters girlfriend. As you read through the book, you can feel Valerie's pain of remembering the horrific events of that day, but at the same time you notice her healing and want to see her move on. The language is witty and comical- a welcome addition to dealing with a serious issue. Overall this a great book to read if you love stories with complex relationships; like Romeo and Juliet.

Rating; ****/*****

Empress by Karen Miller

One of my favorite books, the writing is amazing and has a huge twist at the end that leaves you wanting more.  First in the Godspeaker trilogy.

Rating; *****/*****

Wreck-it-Ralph (Movie)

Wreck-it-Ralph was an amazing movie. Ralph is such a loveable character, and I'm sure a lot of people can relate to him. The movie has all of the loved video game characters; Sonic, Mario, and the like. It even has Skrillex for a short second. Imagine how much money was put into it.

Rating; *****/*****

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

I liked this book. It was really good, and a nice read. I just wish that Bella was a bit more self-motivated towards the end of the book.

My rating: ***/*****