Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Sister Pact by Stacie Ramey

When Allie's sister Leah commits suicide, Allie is devastated.  Her friends try to support her, like her parents.  As Allie tries to find out why her sister killed herself, she learns things about her sister from other people.

Snake vs. Block (app)

You will be hooked in this game and never wanna stop.

Evicted by Matthew Desmond

Evicted is about the lives of poverty-stricken families and how most of them were evicted and why - it was very interesting to see how the lives of many people were.  It was in the viewpoint of Desmond, who was a regular middle/upper-class citizen who lived in poverty for months in order to conduct research.

I really enjoyed Evicted and recommend it to people who like research books.

Alex, Approximately by Jenn Bennett

Alex, Approximately is about a girl who moves to California to live with her dad.  She meets a boy who happens to be the same guy she was talking to online...

It by Stephen King

It by Stephen King is a good book because it's very descriptive and correlates very well with the two movies that have come out.  It is very good and you should read it.  It is a horror book and very descriptive, so if you don't like horror, then...

Crenshaw by K. A. Applegate

Jackson is a boy who imagined his imaginary cat friend when he was younger, and one day he is lonely and Crenshaw comes back to life.  The book is about the boy's adventures with his new imaginary best friend.

Lords of the Sith by Paul S. Kemp

Lords of the Sith is a novel about Darth Vader and the Emperor, aka Palpantine, trying to destroy a slave rebellion on Ryloth.  It is a good addition to the Star Wars lore.