Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fairest by Gail Carson Levine

Whoa!!! That's the first word I've managed to say as I started reading Fairest. Why?! 'Cause I can't imagine how I would ever have write anything like Levine's book. Well, obviously, FAIREST is just so FANTASTIC!!! The scenes are awesome.The characters seems so real. The setting is just perfect. BEST of ALL, the imagery and the imagination of LEVINE is just so GREAT!!! I, myself, have been dreaming of being an author someday, but honestly, I just don't know if I would ever published a book at first or "Would I ever be an author?!." I know that it's way too soon to think about that kind of things, but for me, someone's FUTURE is the most important thing to decide on. I just absolutely admired the book; the way it was narrated and told from AZA'S point of view. I just love the way things are continuable and it seems that everything's just going on the right flow. Well, here's the plot of the BEST book I've ever read: AZA, as I've mentioned before, is the main character. In spite of being an orphan, life is just okay since the family (parents) who adapted her treated her well; no any difference the way they treated their own children. BUT despite of having such an enormous VOICE (like being able to "throw" her VOICE so it will seem to come from anywhere she wanted it to be) she doesn't possess the other characteristic that's mostly prized to the KINGDOM of AYORTHA, which is BEAUTY. It's a FAIRY TALE story that will FORCE you to stay steady and NOT stop reading it 'til the end. It's a very CHALLENGING book which includes lots of complicated issues/problems that will eventually lead into a FAIRY TALE come true. In other words, as what most people would likely say, it's ANOTHER happily EVER AFTER story that you MUST really try READING. But as I BELIEVE in most of the BOOKS I've read, books like FAIREST may seems BEST, but NO book is PERFECT (well, that's on MY opinion). Rating: 4 out of 5

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