Monday, December 22, 2014

Dragon's Child by M. K. Hume

Dragon’s Child by M.K. Hume is the first book of the King Arthur Trilogy which is about a boy who is destined to be the High King. The fictional twist to this legend makes it very enjoyable to read for all fiction lovers. Not knowing his fate Artorex (Arthur) is being cared for by his foster parent Ector in a secluded area. Ector protects Artorex from Uther Pendragon the High king and also his father. As he reaches adult he goes a dangerous quest that will determine Artorex faith and the future of Britain. I would rate this phenomenal book a 5 out 5 because of the way Hume described each character. I would recommend this book to any fiction lover in middle or high school. I also loved the way Hume instilled every image into my mind and the fictional twist to this famous legend.

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