Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Shannara Series by Terry Brooks

The Shannara Series is after the times of the Great Wars, when Mankind almost destroyed itself with it’s advanced technology. The few survivors went into hiding for hundreds of years, trying to survive and evolve from their primitive state.

The humans that fled far south stayed humans. The humans who fled north had to live in the harshest of climates, so they adapted; skin turning rougher, body bigger, with blunter features, becoming what we call “trolls”. The humans to the east took refuge in the mountains, and to adapt to their environment, turned stocky and dwarfish, hence their name “dwarves”. And, the humans that fled far south stayed humans.

Everyone thought that the humans that went west became elves, but the elves were always there. The elves are descendants of the Faerie, magical beings that died long ago, but for one kind soul. ANYways, the elves were there, are there and will BE there.

And since the old-world science has died and is unrecoverable, something must take its place. And that is magic, not as reliable, but more ready that the sciences that destroyed the world of long ago. There are 11 Shannara books out right now, and more are to come, but the basic synopsis in general is that there is an evil in the 4 lands, as everyone callsit. There is someone that can wield a special magic, and he/she/they must triumph over the evil. They endure a lot. Deaths, battle, survival, changes in character and philosophy, and so on. Quite the good read, Shannara is. SO GO AND CHECK ONE OUT!

Reviewed by Marina

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